Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting a BBQ fix (cont.)

Question: Does the constant quenching of the passion detract from it or make the burn less.

Answer: This one is complicated. The longer I push aside the need to BBQ, the more it tends to occupy my mind, enabling resentment to ooze in. I’ve become very effective at recognizing when that resentment is directed at my family, and I’ve taken personal measures to ensure that does not happen any longer. Actually I managed that after about year two. But the resentment attributed to “the real job” and its relentless pursuit of my time is different. The struggles of keeping a positive attitude and defining the personal goals that satisfy a need to feel fulfilled become a daily challenge. Not just a footnote challenge, but a challenge that requires pausing in the parking lot to define a state of mind that will be conducive for a working environment. Patience runs thin.
The burn to pursue BBQ does not die. It is not quenched. It may be forced to smolder for a little, but it takes just a little fanning to get the fire going again. Eventually something has to give though, and if its not BBQ, what will it be? Like I said, this one’s complicated.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Been a while since I’ve had a chance to blog. I know all the experts say, do it frequently, and make it relevant. Great advice when you’re able to focus on one subject, unfortunately real life gets in the way of that.

Question: How do you satiate a passion when it’s in direct conflict with all the other things that suck up time?
Answer: Get a fix anyway you can. Example – I had to give up cooking a contest two weekends in a row. Blocked the time out a long time ago, got the understanding from the family. All set. WRONG. Real job collides sending me to San Antonio TX for a week. Unfortunately it's the week between the two contests I’d like to attend. Others do this all the time, and I probably could have to, but at what sacrifice? Family sanity for the most part and I already drive them mad.

My fix – other than cooking for several parties the last couple weekends, finding an escape in TX. If the paying job is going to carry me near some of the meccas of BBQ, you’re darn right we are going to go support them. This time it will be Lockhart. I’ve never been, but I will. Funny thing…the folks I’m going to do business with haven’t been either, so here’s a guy from Chicago, meeting a dude from Switzerland in San Antonio, who is going to guide some Texans to Lockhart to savor a bit of the truest, purest form of American Cuisine. Yeah, I’m ready.
A better fix – figure out a way to make the passion a paying job. Amberque is doing fine, we’re establishing ourselves in a little market. My biggest challenge is taking it to the next level, but that’s subject for a new blog. And if you show me anybody who gets this far into BBQ who hasn’t at least thought of opening a place, I’ll show you a liar. They may be effective at talking themselves out of it, but they’ve thought about it.